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Brought to you by the editors of The Official John Wayne MagazineThe John Wayne Companion is a fact-filled tome containing everything you've ever wanted to know about Duke. Discover interesting facts about every movie he's ever made, view his life put into perspective alongside touchstone world events and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at John Wayne's personal life and family. By the time you're done, you're guaranteed to learn something new about America's favorite film star. Below, take an inside look at the all-new book and don't forget to order your copy here.


Battling the Big "C"

In 1964, John Wayne was diagnosed with cancer for the first time. It was lung cancer, and for most, just surviving would have been enough of a challenge. But Duke knew he had to fight through it and press on, just as he had for everything else in his life. After having surgery to remove the cancer, as well as part of a lung and a couple of ribs for good measure, Duke got back to work just as quickly as he could. He began filming The Sons of Katie Elder less than a year after his treatment and continued to work as much as he could for the next decade, until he died of stomach cancer at the age of 72.

Though he's long since passed, the Wayne family knows the fight against cancer is not yet over. In 1985, the John Wayne Cancer Foundation was formed. Today, the JWCF and John Wayne Cancer Institute work to find and develop research for innovative programs and treatments.


John Wayne Companion Battling the Big "C" Inside Spread



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