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Newsweek: Jordan—30 Years of Greatness

Newsweek: Jordan—30 Years of Greatness

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Newsweek Special Edition presents Jordan—a celebration of the greatest basketball player to ever grace the court. More than 30 years ago, in 1985, Nike launched his line of Air Jordans, a shoe that would forever change the level of play on the court—and in equal measure create a frenzy among non-players around the world clamoring to soar street-side like Jordan did on the boards. 

He scored 32,292 points and was equally unstoppable on defense. He hung in the air for what seemed like impossible amounts of time, crowning each flight with an authoritative dunk. He earned six NBA championships, five NBA MVP titles and 14 All-Star Game appearances. 

Now, Newsweek Special Edition salutes MJ in this revised and updated issue by examining every facet of his career, through spectacular photos, exclusive interviews and insight into what made Number 23 tick.

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