Newsweek Commemorative Edition: Diana—Celebrating 30 Years

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Newsweek celebrates the unforgettable Princess Di with a 100-page collector’s issue brimming with firsthand accounts, majestic pictures and the personal insights of a woman who was taken from the world too soon—and explores why she still impacts the world today. From her very first steps down the aisle in the fairy-tale wedding of the century in 1981, Princess Diana captured the world’s attention—and affection. Shy and beautiful, stylish and soft-spoken, she became known as “The People’s Princess,” a model mother of future monarchs William and Harry and a tireless advocate for those who needed her most—the sick and maimed. America’s case of Royal fever reached a new pitch when Charles and Di visited the White House for the first time together in 1985, and her spellbinding impression lives on 30 years later.