Newsweek: Pope Francis—The American Journey

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Derived from Greek for father, the Pope has always stood as a figure of hope, faith and morality in the Catholic Church and often the world. During his first year in office, Pope Francis has challenged the present state of the Vatican in encouraging the church to be more inclusive and open-minded toward women, homosexuals and the realities of those living in poverty. Pope Francis has boldly addressed the reality of global warming and even the crimes within the church. In honor of Pope Francis’s first U.S. visit this September, Newsweek presents a special edition, celebrating this transformational figure, as well as the holy fathers who came before him. With 100 pages of full coverage on his American itinerary, including stops in New York, Washington, D.C. and the World Meeting of Families rally in Philadelphia, as well as his plans for the church's future; this issue will surely prepare you for his historic visit.