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Bright and Brainy Kindergarten Learning Cover

Bright and Brainy: Kindergarten Learning

$ 9.99


Parents know what's best for their children, but not every parent has the time (or patience!) to develop a lesson plan built with their kids—and state education standards—in mind. Thankfully, there's Teacher Created Materials to help you encourage your child's learning. Featuring 100 pages of vetted mini-lessons designed to stimulate your child and activate their ability to learn, this activity book is filled with content that is aligned with rigorous national education standards. Covering core concepts in reading, writing and mathematics, it's the perfect title for your kindergarten kids aged 4-6.


Product Details

Pages: 100

Format: Traditional magazine

Product Dimensions: 8" x 10.5"

Ages: 4-6

Customer Reviews

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I didn't know this was sold at Dollar General?????

I'm so glad I found this. I'm hooked and now my children are too!

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