Bruce Lee Official Collector's Edition Vol. 4

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Volume 4 of The Official Bruce Lee Collector's Edition examines Bruce Lee's life and legacy, paying special attention to the story of Enter the Dragon. After years of trying to break into Hollywood in a variety of ways, Bruce Lee saw Enter the Dragon as the opportunity to share his culture, his martial arts, his philosophy and himself with the West.

In this new volume, Bruce Lee fans will explore:

  • A Day in the Life: Bruce's daily schedule of fitness and meditation left no time for shenanigans.
  • Meditation: The Inner Martial Art: Bruce understood the body can only perform at its best when the mind is just as well-exercised.
  • Inside Bruce's Library: Tao Te King by Lao Tzu Interpreted as Nature and Intelligence by Archie J. Bahm offered Bruce poetic philosophy.
  • Special Section Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee's masterpiece changed martial arts cinema forever, and for the better.

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Bruce Lee Official Collector's Edition Vol. 4

He changed culture

I believe in this issue we get to see how dramatic of an impact Bruce had on cultures in general. A lot of martial arts and fighting champions attribute their champion attitudes and methodology to Bruce Lee and his vision. Martial arts as a whole changed because of him. The impact in culture is great and seen today in thinking and in style; the way people break the mold of society labels I believe is stemmed from his earth shattering impact at the time of his living.


Bruce Lee Official Collector's Edition Vol. 4


Bruce Lee Official Collector's Edition Vol. 4

Bruce Lee Official Collector's Edition Vol. 4

Excellent book! Hopefully Vol. 2 is back on stock. Missing that one. Thank you.
Overall a nice collection of volumes of Bruce Lee.