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Newsweek: Declassified—Exposing the Secrets

Newsweek: Declassified—Exposing the Secrets

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Ever wonder what secrets the government has been keeping from the American public? Did you know that due to the Freedom of Information Act, the government must officially declare information or documents to be no longer secret—or declassify them—after a certain point of time? The government doesn't want you to go through these documents and spill their sometimes embarrassing or neglectful beans, but its a right we as Americans all have. Now Newsweek has gone through the files for you in our new 100-page special edition, Declassified. Featuring the stories behind the headlines, the government's occasional double standards when it comes to their employees, accidental bombings and so much more! Don't be left in the dark and get in the know with Newsweek Declassified.

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