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Newsweek: Weed 2016

Newsweek: Weed 2016

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Cannabis in the United States has blossomed from a drug enjoyed only by society's fringe elements to an increasingly important presence in mainstream culture. As more states legalize recreational use of marijuana and with the issue poised to become a major talking point in the upcoming presidential election, everyday Americans find themselves caught in the no-man's land between a culture that's increasingly accepting its use and decades worth of laws prohibiting it still on the books. In this new special edition of Newsweek, Weed 2016, the country's top experts guide us through this brave new world and break down the most sweeping changes brought about by the "Pot Revolution." From fitness to food, the greenhouse to the White House, this 100-page, deluxe issue presents all sides of the debate as it delivers what you need to know about America’s pot-focused future. 

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