The Ultimate Keto Diet Handbook

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Learn how to turn your body into a fat-burning machine with this thoroughly researched 100-page special edition that breaks down everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet. Featuring more than 100 recipes, tips and tricks, meal planning guides and a thorough explanation for how and why the keto diet works, it's a perfect companion for those just starting out on the program as well as anyone looking to mix things up in the kitchen.

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The Best!

I LOOOOVE this magazine! For those of you who have said there is no nutrition information, look at the bottom of the page of the recipe. Everything is there, including carb count. The only recipe I didn't care for was the turnip fries. Everything else has turned out great! I will keep my eye out at the grocery store for this magazine in the future. Also, these recipes are extremely low carb which is refreshing because a lot of "keto cookbooks" have pretty high carb recipes, especially if you're trying to keep it under 20g carbs a day.

Linda Koroma
Good Recipees and tips

Overall I was very pleased with this book. So far my only disappointment was with the Almond Muffins, which did not include the baking powder. The muffins didn't rise. There were a lot of ingredients messed up. Please correct that recipe.

Nutrition Info not Included :(

The recipies are great, but the nutrition information is missing for each recipie. It would be great to have that info since tracking is an important part of the keto diet

Jane Smith-Stage
Oh my!

The recipes and info are really good.
The major disappointment is that no nutrient information is included. It’s a major miss because most people on the ketogenic plan use a tracking app.

Gail B.
The Ultimate Keto Diet Handbook

VERY disappointed there is no nutritional information. How the heck can you use these recipes? My bad for not checking, although the recipes look good.