Bruce Lee's 10 Most Epic Kicks

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Bruce Lee brought many things to the mainstream: mixed martial arts, yellow jumpsuits and philosophical insight, to name a few. "But there's an even simpler aspect of his style that he brought [to the mainstream], which is serious kicking for the screen," says Eric Jacobus, stuntman, filmmaker and motion capture performer.


For the latest edition of The Official Bruce Lee Collector's Edition, we sat down with Jacobus to reflect on the impact of Lee's iconic fighting style in cinema. Read the entire article in Volume 3, available on April 9. For now, here are 10 of Bruce Lee's most EPIC kicks. And check out Volumes 1 and 2 here.


1. Flying above his adversary in The Big Boss (1971).


Bruce Lee performing a flying kick in the 1971 movie Big Boss


2. Walking in air in Enter the Dragon (1973).


Bruce Lee performing a kick flip in the 1973 movie Enter the Dragon


3. Taking on the final boss in Fist of Fury (1972).


Bruce Lee kicking the villain in the 1972 movie Fist of Fury


4. Intimidating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Game of Death (1978).


Bruce Lee kicking Kareem Abdul Jabbar while wearing a yellow jumpsuit in the 1978 movie Game of Death


5. Detaining a criminal in The Green Hornet (c. 1966).


Bruce Lee as Kato kicking a criminal in Green Hornet circa 1966


6. Defending against Chuck Norris in The Way of the Dragon (1972).


Bruce Lee fighting Chuck Norris in the 1972 movie The Way of the Dragon


7. In the studio with Ted Wong, a Jeet Kun Do student.


Bruce Lee kicking Jeet Kune Do student Ted Wong


8. Attacking Bolo Yeung in Enter the Dragon (1973).


Bruce Lee kicking Bolo Yeung in the 1973 movie Enter the Dragon


9. Practicing on the trampoline with wife Linda Lee.


Bruce Lee jumping on a trampoline with his wife Linda Lee


10. Stopping Han in Enter the Dragon (1973).


Bruce Lee kicking Han in the 1973 movie Enter the Dragon