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John Wayne's Five Most Important Lessons

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John Wayne's legacy isn't limited to the big screen. His advice, personal morality and commitment to integrity have long outlived the man who could make a 10-gallon hat look small. Duke lived his life by a code and the characters he portrayed on-screen did as well. In the new book, Everything I Need to Know I Learned from John Wayne, we explore a collection of Duke's best lessons, pulled straight from his beloved films. While Duke might have cast a long shadow, there's no reason we can't all aspire to measure up to the example he left behind. Keep reading...

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10 Great Photos of John Wayne Supporting the Military

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Both on-screen and off, John Wayne loved honoring American troops through his unique platform as one of America's most iconic actors. In the latest edition of the John Wayne Official Collector's Edition, Ethan Wayne describes his father's dedication to supporting the military in the story "Give Back to Those Who Serve." Read an excerpt from the upcoming Volume 28, Duke's Code for Life—out April 2:  As Duke's youngest son Ethan remembers, it was impossible for the star to be inconvenienced when it came to the troops. "One night when I was around 10, we heard a noise down by...

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