10 Great Photos of John Wayne Supporting the Military

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Both on-screen and off, John Wayne loved honoring American troops through his unique platform as one of America's most iconic actors. In the latest edition of the John Wayne Official Collector's Edition, Ethan Wayne describes his father's dedication to supporting the military in the story "Give Back to Those Who Serve." Read an excerpt from the upcoming Volume 28, Duke's Code for Life—out April 2:

John Wayne Volume 28 Magazine Spread Give Back to Those Who Serve Story

As Duke's youngest son Ethan remembers, it was impossible for the star to be inconvenienced when it came to the troops. "One night when I was around 10, we heard a noise down by the dock next to our house and Dad went down there with his gun to check it out. It ended up being some soldiers who had just returned from overseas," Ethan says, explaining that the men were huge fans who had spontaneously made the trip to Duke's home. "Dad told them, 'Come up here and have a drink with me,' and they talked for about a half hour before Dad sent them on their way."

Stories like this remind us why Duke is still remembered as a paragon of American patriotism. Keep scrolling for 10 great photos of Duke supporting the troops.


1. Sporting a rugged beard for a promotional portrait for the 1945's Back to Bataan.


John Wayne in military uniform for Back to Bataan movie


2. Posing with U.S. troops stationed in Vietnam in 1966.


John Wayne posing with troops in Vietnam in front of a helicopter


3. Receiving an award from the Dallas Marines for his "many years of helping us tell the Marine Corps story."


John Wayne receiving an award from the Marine Corp


4. Shaking hands with a service member while visiting the troops in Vietnam in 1966.


John Wayne shaking a soldier's hand in Vietnam


5. Dodging out of harm's way in the 1945 film Back to Bataan.


Movie still of John Wayne in Back to Bataan


6. Ready to lead the charge in Sands of Iwo Jima, c. 1949.


John Wayne in military uniform for Sands of Iwo Jima movie



7. Laughing with our men in uniform during his Vietnam visit in 1966.


John Wayne laughing with troops in Vietnam


8. Bringing the heroic true story of John D. Bulkeley and Robert Kelly to life in They Were Expendable in 1945.


Movie still of John Wayne in They Were Expendable


9. Rallying his squad in Sands of Iwo Jima in 1949.


John Wayne talking to troops in Sands of Iwo Jima movie


10. Arriving in Vietnam to support the troops, c. 1966.


John Wayne visiting troops in Vietnam