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Take a Sneak Peek at John Wayne Special Collector's Edition, Volume 42--Gallery of Greatness

Duke took great care to preserve the personal items that represented the many different aspects of his life. In The Official John Wayne Collector’s Edition, Volume 42 you’ll find a gallery-like presentation of everything from wardrobe pieces to personal letters to merchandise items. Whether they’re of sentimental significance or an iconic part of cinematic history, each of these items offers an intimate look at the life of a legend.   Duke traditionally celebrated the wrap of a production by giving the cast and crew members custom ceramic mugs as gifts to commemorate their time together. 1. A mug given to...

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Hurricane Preparedness by Survival Ready author Check Freedman

A flooded street after catastrophic Hurricane Irma hit Fort Lauderdale, FL - September, 2017    Hurricane season is upon us. Some will never see even one in their  lifetime but for others, depending on where you are located, they are an annual occurrence. Search and Rescue Ground Team Leader and author of Survival Ready: Life Saving Skills and Expert Advice for Surviving Any Threat at Any Time, Check Freedman has prepared some basic guidelines for being prepared this hurricane season.  Prepare Your Home: Inside: Move your valuable or irreplaceable items as high up in your home as you can.  If...

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Lives That Shaped The Legend: A Unique Look at the People Who Made John Wayne "Duke"

john wayne

“Throughout his career, my father was commended for his many accomplishments, which were usually chalked up to his unwavering drive to succeed. While his work ethic was indeed the stuff of legend, John Wayne always made sure to acknowledge the fact that he would not be who he was without the support of so many others." --Ethan Wayne

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John Wayne’s McClintock! Proves Westerns Aren’t All Serious

In The Official John Wayne Big Book of Dad Jokes, you’ll find John Wayne-inspired jokes, anecdotes and quotes from his film career and personal life that will inspire you to do the same. Read an exclusive excerpt from the book below and don’t forget to pick up your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, or wherever you shop for books.

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Mental Health Awareness Month: COVID19 Panic Culture, How You Can Help Someone Having a Panic Attack or Extreme Emotion

We all likely have a friend or loved one who is struggling because of our COVID 19 panic culture. How can you help someone who is displaying extreme emotion, like a panic attack or depressive episode and help them through the extremes? 

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