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John Wayne's Easy-to-Make Beef Brisket

Duke knew the family gathered around the table together shared much more than good food—they made memories, gave each other honest advice and strengthened the bonds of love through thick and thin. In The Official John Wayne 5-Ingredient Homestyle Cookbook you'll find delicious, authentic recipes you can whip up with just five or fewer ingredients, allowing you to focus on what really matters most—spending quality time with family and friends. Here's an exclusive taste! One of our favorite recipes from the cookbook, Easy-to-Make Beef Brisket, is so simple your horse could cook it. And don't forget to order your copy...

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John Wayne's 5 Most Life-Changing Moments

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Throughout his life and career, time and time again, John Wayne reached milestone after milestone. Whether triumphant, challenging, cathartic or heartbreaking, each of these events significantly shaped John Wayne into the icon we remember today. In the latest volume of The Official John Wayne Collector’s Edition, you’ll journey through a timeline of Duke’s life structured around these catalyzing events. By looking back on some of his most memorable moments, both on screen and off, we see a clearer image of the man behind the legend, and the reasons why John Wayne remains—in the words of Johnny Carson—“an American institution.” Get...

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John Wayne's Top Three Family Films

Over the course of 50 years, John Wayne devoted himself to building one of the greatest careers in Hollywood history. But behind the scenes, Duke was focused on building a legacy he felt even more strongly about: that of a loving family. As you no doubt expect, John Wayne managed to be just as inspiring in the roles of father and husband as any he played on the big screen. And though the hectic nature of his career often kept him away from those he held dear, Duke made the most of his circumstances. These family values that he embodied...

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How Bruce Lee Valued Physical and Spiritual Health

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Bruce Lee was careful to maintain balance in his life—from the physical to the spiritual. No matter our external circumstances, we can all strive to apply Bruce’s advice for complete health to our own lives. Keep reading to learn about the Dragon’s guide to total wellness. You can find more insight like this in The Official Bruce Lee Collector’s Edition, Volume 5.     Bruce Lee was obviously someone who took great care in his physical fitness. He took hours out of every day to get an amount of cardiovascular and resistance training that allowed him to perform martial arts...

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John Wayne's Greatest Lessons

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When you think of John Wayne, you don't just think about the bold characters he played in his films—you also think about the legacy of one of Hollywood's most iconic stars. Whether he was chasing down bad guys in the Wild West or raising his children on The Wild Goose, Duke imparted wisdom and lessons through everything he did. In John Wayne: Lessons For My Children, dive into this wisdom in the form of quotes, anecdotes and memories from those who knew him best. Get a peek inside the new book below and don’t forget to order your copy here.  ...

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