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Calm is Contagious but Panic Kills: Check Freedman, Survival and Security Expert on the Current Gas Crisis

There are times when preparation is necessary but when disaster has already occurred, preparation changes into response. We suffered an attack on our infrastructure this week as Russian criminals attempted to disrupt our supply chain capabilities through shutting down our access to fuel. That was not the real problem. 


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“Print the Legend” 50+ Unbelievable (But True) Duke Stories

From the incredible feats he accomplished throughout his career to his ability to remain relevant nearly 100 years after he first stepped onto a film set, John Wayne often seems like a fictional character from a tall tale. Of course, Duke was as real as they come, but in celebration of our Special 40th Edition, we’ve collected many of the unbelievable but true stories that exemplify his extraordinary life. Read an excerpt from the issue below and get your own copy here.  Born to Be Big On May 26, 1907, Marion Robert Morrison was born to parents Mary and Clyde...

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Leading By Example: John Wayne's Work Ethic According To Those Who Knew Him Best

Working in Hollywood for half a century, John Wayne got to know quite a few people. Whether he was their crewmate, their co-star or their director, Duke was consistently called a tireless worker, a mentor figure and all-around stand-up guy by any with whom he shared a set. The same could be said by those who knew Duke behind the scenes. He consistently lived up to his own legacy, proving himself to be the genuine article in the process. Take a closer look at the legend from those who loved him most in Volume 38 of The Official John Wayne...

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The Patriotic Sacrifice of Jimmy Stewart

John Wayne knew America was built on the struggles and triumphs of tenacious people whose will to carry on in the face of incredible adversity forged an unparalleled cultural legacy of greatness. Whether onscreen or off, Duke sought to highlight the hardships, sacrifices and staggering circumstances these rugged individuals endured to form the backbone of our great nation. Featuring 125 pioneers, leaders, trailblazers and others from America's past and present, John Wayne's Book of American Grit celebrates the indomitable spirit of gutsy everyday Americans as well as cultural icons whose legendary stories of courage and resilience despite all odds will...

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Monument Valley: The Backdrop of John Wayne's American West

Of the many roles he played in his five decades on screen, John Wayne is perhaps best remembered as a courageous cowboy—a role he played dozens of times on film in one form or another. Each time Duke donned a 10-gallon hat and saddled up in a film, he embodied the spirit of the American West, from the hardships to the heroism. In Volume 37 of The Official John Wayne Collector’s Edition, we’re exploring Duke’s path from humble stagehand to de facto face of the West. Take a peek into the issue with an excerpt below and order your copy...

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