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Bruce Lee's Advice for Living in Interesting Times

advice Bruce Lee quote

Bruce Lee’s practical advice for living in difficult situations was born from his own experiences persevering as a young Chinese actor making a name for himself in the film industry. No matter the obstacles that arose in his path, he continued to apply himself daily in order to reach his goals. Read below for his advice for living in interesting times and get even more insight into his philosophies in The Official Bruce Lee Collector’s Edition, Volume 4.       There is an ancient Chinese saying made famous to modern Americans by Robert F. Kennedy during his 1968 presidential...

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Who Were John Wayne's Movie Star Friends?

john wayne volume 34

Throughout his career, John Wayne was in high demand. Beyond the Hollywood executives who wanted to attach the name “John Wayne” to their next big project, those who got to know Duke both on set and off were often struck by his warm and welcoming presence. He befriended countless co-stars and crew members as well as plenty of folks outside the film industry who were among the biggest and brightest stars of the era. To John Wayne, though, they were simply people who, like him, knew that a good time is always better when shared in the company of others....

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John Wayne's Greatest Roles: Ethan Edwards in The Searchers

john wayne

For half a century, John Wayne forged a legacy as one of the most beloved stars of American cinema. Whether he was playing a rugged and rowdy rancher, a justice-seeking lawman or a fearless soldier on the frontlines of battle, Duke always gave his all in every role he stepped into. Now, after considering the opinions of John Wayne's incredible film career. Despite the ways in which they vary, this collection of iconic characters all share one common thread: the incomparable charisma of John Wayne. Get our entire list of Duke's 50 Greatest Roles in Volume 33 of the Official...

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The Love Story of John Wayne and Pilar Pallete

American blog john wayne Pilar Pallete Volume 32

Ever since he began his now-iconic career, much has been said about John Wayne. But as we look back on his life, nothing can compare to the lasting impression of the man's own words. Whether he was speaking about his approach to acting or his love for his family and his country, Duke was always direct and always inspiring. As we revisit some of John Wayne's most memorable quotes in Volume 32, we can see a clear image of the man himself. Because as iconic as he became, he never stopped viewing himself as an ordinary guy just trying to live...

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Look Inside: The John Wayne Ultimate Puzzle Book, Vol. 3

John Wayne puzzle puzzle book puzzles

With a career that spanned 50 years on the silver screen, John Wayne forged one of the greatest legacies in Hollywood history. Along the way, Duke also amassed a die-hard fan base. The passion displayed by those who love him seems to know no bounds—and that enthusiasm remains as strong as ever even decades after his passing. Now, fans of John Wayne can prove just how familiar they are with the legend. From his most memorable films to his iconic quotes and even trivia about his family and friends, this is the true test of knowledge for the ultimate fan of John...

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